Katherine Stephenson

Location: Bamford   /  Genre: Fused and Stained Glass

Artist Statement

Hope Valley Glass Art combines fused and stained glass with printmaking techniques to create unique contemporary hand-made fused glass art. Working from my home studio in Hathersage. I have developed a range of original, high quality affordable glass art. Each piece is unique so no two piece are exactly the same.

I work by layering specialist crushed glass a to create the illusion of texture. I allow the glass to flow to give movement to each piece. I work with different reactions in the glass as the chemical properties of certain glass when combined together and fired in the kiln create reactions. I sometimes add pure silver to the mix and get wonderful surprising results.

As my work has developed, my focus is increasingly on semi-abstract landscapes inspired by the beautiful Peak District and seascapes inspired by my family home in a little fishing village on the Spanish coast. In addition to wall art I also make one off statement pieces, contemporary stained glass sun catchers and a small selection of unique layered glass pendants.

The glass is fired in a kiln for about 14 hours at 800ÂșC and often requires multiple firings. It is a long process but is a visually stunning medium to work with. The beauty of fused glass is that it appears to be constantly changing in different lights and settings .

Working with fused glass is an exciting process as it changes in the kiln from a solid form to molten form and back again. No matter how much knowledge you have, you are never totally in control and I like that. I open my kiln each morning with eager anticipation, sometimes I am delighted and other times I am intrigued! There is never a dull moment! Looking forward to seeing you during DOA event.

Venue Information

Hope Valley Glass Art
Hope Valley Garden Centre
Hope Road
S33 0AL

The Garden Centre is situated on the A6187 Hope Road between Hathersage and Castleton.

This venue has full disabled access