Katy Wales

Location: New Mills   /  Genre: Mixed media

Artist Statement

Please note this is a new venue and comes between venues 13 and 14, and known locally as venue 13.5 in New Mills.

A gatherer, every season I gather and bring objects home. Eyes open, ears close to the ground. Which I then draw inspiration from - that could be sticks, leaves, berries, tails, found objects, waste materials. To bring in, make anew, transform, bring light, renew and reuse, recreate, repurpose.

I find intrigue in the hidden. between the cracks, the lacuna between worlds or states of being. beneath the surface, step inside. the stories we leave behind. from unknowing to knowing, outside to in, through print, photography, embroidery and paint, I create a space, to bridge that gap. Ever motivated by the fragments, remnants, discarded, broken down surfaces and materials and what they can teach us, remind us, about the fragility of our own connection to wild nature.

Nature is life. It contains pure vital energy we all need to thrive. As naturalist Henry David Thoreau wrote, 'We need the tonic of wildness.' To him, living without nature meant depriving ourselves of the experience of the deepest truth of life.

Venue Information

Rubies Rags
2-6 Market Street,
New Mills
SK22 4AE

Rubies Rags is a shop in the middle of New Mills on the corner of Market St and Hall St. Town Hall Car Park is on the opposite side of Hall St.