Christine Pearson

Location: Melbourne, England   /  Genre: Jewellery

Artist Statement

Based in her workshop in Leicester, Christine is a contemporary Jewellery Designer, working in Enamelled Copper and Sterling Silver. She uses subtle textures, simple shapes and bold colours to create individual pieces of wearable art, as well as larger – 3 Dimensional pieces.
Starting with sheet copper or silver Christine uses a rolling mill to press vintage lace or ribbon into the metal to add texture. She then cuts the individual shapes before drilling, filing, soldering and assembling her jewellery, all by hand. Additional textures are added using steel punches.
Different coloured vitreous enamels are added, one layer at a time. The pieces are fired between each layer to around 800* C. One item of jewellery may have 5-6 layers of colour, as well as decorative glass elements.
Christine combines the enamel colours as a painter applies paint, in an individual and creative way.

Venue Information

Creative Melbourne Gallery
Church Street
Melbourne, England
DE73 8EJ

Head to Melbourne Hall, park your car and go out onto Church Lane. Walk past The Spirit Vault and Creative Melbourne Gallery is further up the street on the same side. Balloons will be outside!

Disabled access is partial