Lyndon Evans

Location: Little Hayfield   /  Genre: Illustrator, Artist

Artist Statement

Throstle Farm in Little Hayfield is our studio and gallery for Hayfield Artists.
Over decades I have used my space to create illustration, models and design concepts.
My sketch book is a recording and development tool for all my work. I continue to do this now and create pictures just for me,
Now, I try to retain this spontaneous freshness when I create more finished pieces, working mainly in charcoal, pen and watercolour.
I am sensitive to animation and movement in the landscape and the rhythms and layers of natural forms, and the constant morphing created by light on the elements and features of Derbyshire.
We have lived at Throstle Farm for the past 38 years. I share with it my wife Pat Evans who is a highly talented and respected artist.
You are welcome to come up to Throstle to meet all the artists who are sharing this venue. This is a stunning location with acres to wander over and picnic, and enjoy our afternoon tea and cakes.
Join us to look around - you can drive up and park easily, or we can recommend a 15 min very scenic walk from Hayfields.

Venue Information

Hayfield Artists, Throstle Farm
3 Glossop Road
Little Hayfield
SK22 2NG

From Hayfield A624 towards Glossop. Approx half a mile into the 30 area, ‘Little Hayfield‘ with cottages on both sides, turn right before the wooded area, Up the tarmac lane, round the pond to the rear of Throstle Farm, parking.

Disabled access is partial