David William Sampson

Location: Long Eaton   /  Genre: Ceramic Sculpture

Artist Statement

Often in ceramics; cracks, pin-holed glazing, mixing of clay and patchy slips are seen as defects, but I have created a body of work that enhances and celebrates these, each is still beautiful and valid in its own right. They have been made imperfectly-perfect with confident construction and finishes applied. Some will see the children and have an instant parental instinct, then look closer to see that they are decapitated, broken faced or damaged and it leaves people unknowing how to feel; this conjuring of mixture of emotions and it is that very element that evokes intrigue and conversations! Some people are unsure if to be scared, hate or if to love them even more. They are all intriguing little characters that are all individual and hold their own temperament, from princes to clowns and apomorphic elements creeping in, these children just want to play, be loved and adopted into a new family.

Venue Information

Long Eaton Art Room
29-31 Lime Grove
Long Eaton
NG10 4LD

A few minutes drive from the M1/A52 island, we are also on the main bus route between Derby/Nottingham with bus stops located at the top of Lime Grove on Derby Road. We also have a small carpark here on site.