Henry Walsh

Location: Hayfield   /  Genre: Painting & Drawing

Artist Statement

Scattered throughout the hustle and bustle of concrete life, like pools among the rocks, are the parks and squares that provide us with a place to breathe and a time to think. It is a fundamental need of a sane society to be able to stop once in a while and wander from the routine, lift our heads and look at the sky or take in our regular surroundings with a fresh insight.

My work begins with snapshots of busy city life and by a process of elimination I refocus the image on elements that encapsulate a sober thoughtfulness.

Henry Walsh was born in 1978 and grew up in the Suffolk countryside. Henry studied art at Ipswich School of Art and Loughborough University.
From 2001-2011 Henry was an Associate Director for the Curwen Gallery (London W1) helping to run a business art consultancy and two contemporary art galleries.
In 2011 Henry and his family moved to Hayfield in the Peak District. He is now a freelance artist, working from his garden studio.

Artwork by Henry Walsh is regularly exhibited and sold in London, USA, Italy, Scandinavia & Japan by Kathryn Bell at the Fine Art Consultancy (London NW3). Also in South West England by Wychwood Art and in Wales by The Albany Gallery.

Venue Information

76 Swallow House Lane
SK22 2HB

Entering Hayfield from the A624, drive through the village. Drive up Market Street. Turn Left down Swallow House Lane. The venue is on the corner of Swallow House Crescent. Access is via a garden gate at the back.