Olinda Everett

Location: Darley Dale   /  Genre: Ceramics

Artist Statement

Current work is stoneware abstract and non-utilitarian, consisting mainly of slab built and coiled containers. I refer to themes of truth and what seems true, using current news stories and beliefs.
I am intrigued by the slippery nature of truth; what appears to be obvious so often carries an hidden reason for a different interpretation; we can look at almost anything from diverse points of view; we are deceived by our moods, betrayed by our interests, misdirected by our environment and circumstances.
These are the thoughts that I bring to my practice as I try to convey an alternative to the obvious through form and colour. I build a mental picture of at least two, maybe more, interpretations. to the news cycle or the historical record.
The women of Gaza are on my mind right now. They have my attention. I find endless potential for interpretation thereā€¦
I have focused on slab building containers with their walls to inscribe and their ability to contain. They may become ever more inscrutable; I work my way up the vertical face and inwards towards darkness; The work follows evolving situations as they become ever more problematic and confusing. A clay form can clarify confusion in surprising ways. I leave some blank spaces for reflection and open mindedness: I curate those rims carefully: should we cut down trees? Should we pay greater attention to the outside or the inside? Is kindness a good thing? what is the point of the horizon?
These are the easy questions. Some more difficult ones cannot be asked in words and find their way to sculpture where mud takes the shape of things to come.

Venue Information

The Willows
Station Road
Darley Dale

Coming into Darley Dale on the A6 turn down the B 5057 towards Winster with The Whitworth Centre and Park on the right. We are the third house down on the left after the shops.

This venue has full disabled access