Sujata Aten

Location: Melbourne, England   /  Genre: Paintings

Artist Statement

My paintings are based on collected experiences and memories of being born and brought up in India, my travelling and having lived in England since 2000. I am passionate about colours and I am inspired by landscapes and nature for my paintings.

I draw my inspirations from my inside world, how I feel, how I am thinking. Part of the art making process for me is really unpacking memories, emotions, piecing together fragments of things which I find evocative or nostalgic or significant, bringing myself and patchwork of experiences and emotions out on to the canvas, expressing how I feel, what is going on inside, exploring how I feel, and therefore how I want my art to feel. The exterior world and my interior world are sources of my inspiration.
For my abstract landscape paintings, I work from my memory trying to recreate the feelings and the mood that the depicted landscape signifies to me. I do not always produce an accurate representation but aim to evoke a sense of personal experience, to create an image which brings together different aspects of the landscape.

I work mainly in my studio, but I develop ideas by taking photographs and drawing in a sketchbook outside in the field. I like to use acrylic paint and mixed media depending on the subject and effect I wish to create.

I started to fully dedicate myself to painting in 1998, and since then I have exhibited and sold many paintings both in the UK and internationally. I completed my BA (HONS) Fine Arts from University of Derby in 2009.

Venue Information

Creative Melbourne Gallery
Church Street
Melbourne, England
DE73 8EJ

Head to Melbourne Hall, park your car and go out onto Church Lane. Walk past The Spirit Vault and Creative Melbourne Gallery is further up the street on the same side. Balloons will be outside!

Disabled access is partial